How to Go Green at Your Next Event?

As the New Year 2020 has started, it’s time to start thinking about planning and preparing your upcoming events. Regardless of your event size, there are simple steps you can take to drastically reduce the negative impact your party has on the environment. Any high-profile event can be a great platform for increasing public awareness about eco-friendly alternatives available and the importance of recycling. Understanding the burden of planning and preparation that is needed for an awesome event, Auromira Films offers the best event management in Odisha that perfectly fits your budget. To reduce your carbon footprint, the top event company in Bhubaneswar tells some strategies you can incorporate into your next event to make it more sustainable and greener:

Gift wrapping: Wrap presents using brown/ recyclable paper to avoid the wastage of regular wrapping paper, that isn’t bio-degradable. Use string and ribbons to tie gifts which give a personal and thoughtful touch too.

Invitations: The digital world and e-invites are perfect for lessening carbon footprint. You can even create an event page, app or an email subscription. If a more personal invitation for guests is preferred, perhaps try using seed paper invites. These are eco-friendly and can be planted in the ground post-use to eventually bloom into beautiful wildflowers, plants and trees that contribute to air quality too.

LED lights: Use LED lights to decorate your event venue as they are a more sustainable option. These use 95% less energy than traditional holiday lights and they are also a cheaper option! LED lights last longer, and if one burns out the rest will still stay lit!

Venue and connectivity: Choosing an eco-friendly venue is a great way to get ahead. From wastewater treatment facilities to green roofs, today’s event venues in Bhubaneswar are not just great spaces for amazing experiences, they’re sustainable, too. Also, when picking an event location, ensure that there are plenty of public transportation options for people to use rather than cars and taxis. Avail affordable event management services in Odisha at Auromira Films!

Donate leftover food: Food wastage is one of the biggest issues at events. You can avoid such mass wastage; an idea would be to organize to have any leftovers donated to local charities post-event to ensure it is all put to good use. If the use of disposable cutlery and cups is a must for a particular event, use an eco-friendly brand, which is made from plants and can be composted after use.

To run an eco-friendly event, you need to share and promote your eco-friendly actions. You should also promote environmental sustainability and encourage others to make green choices in their everyday lives as well. Want more ways to plan an eco-friendly event? Get in touch with the best event management services in Bhubaneswar at Auromira Films!

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