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Often misunderstood as equivalent, web designing and development are actually two different things, even when the root is the same.

Web Designing -

The very basic idea about web designing is that, the web designers give a digital outline to your physical idea. Web designing is all about developing the look and feel of the website. It is same as an architect creates a plan before building it. In the same way, a web designer initiates the process of modeling the website before a web developer can further develop it.

Why Web Designing?

The answer is yet another question. What would you rather prefer, a black and white layout like a newspaper or a well constructed, well organized and personalized layout?

  • Obviously the answer is the later one.
  • Here is the role of the web designer.

The web designing is a crucial factor to the company’s marketing presence. It is like creating a first impression. When people visit your

website, it is the design that decides even prior to your work what their decision is going to be regarding your company. Also, people do not trust haphazard or ill constructed websites. When the website designing is good, they believe the future of their work to be good.

Web Development -

Web development is the translation of the raw outline (design) into a live website. They amalgamate web language and software tools to bring out magic into the design, thus making the website design functional and live.

Why Web Development?

Though web development has its own list of advantages, one of the primary reasons is the fact that your website is one of the crucial building blocks for your business’s success. A brilliant website is directly proportional to a brilliant investment return.

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