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Static is for Consistency; Consistency of Work and Consistency of Delivery of Work. Auromira Entertainment specializes in 360 degree Branding solutions, a significant part of which is Static Branding. Our Company has mastered in bringing Brands to the limelight with the Static Branding services like Digital Wall Painting, Wall Wrapping, In-Shop Branding and many more. We deliver value to our clients by bringing together a collective experience of like-minded professionals and having a collaborative approach. Coherently displaying your brand’s heart and soul in all the ways that will make your brand truly matter to people.

What We Do

Digital Wall Painting

Merging the best of ‘art’ and ‘technology’ to execute Brand Promotions with Wall Paintings.

Wall Wrapping

Wrapping Walls with Creative Art to Create Branding Opportunities.

In-shop Branding

Promotion Stores and Products by the best branding agency in Bhubaneswar.

GSB Installation

Create a Business Identity with GSB Installations with best branding agency in Bhubaneswar.


Providing affordable yet attractive Non-lit boards to create brand awareness.

Conceptual Shop Installation

Amalgamating concept and branding to provide Conceptual Shop Installations.

Signage (Retail merchandising)

Commercial or public display signages for branding purposes best branding agency in Bhubaneswar.

Acrylic Signages

Versatile and highly durable Acrylic Signage for branding best branding agency in Bhubaneswar.

Retro and other Specialized Signages

Adding innovative and avant-garde Retro and other Specialized Signage to boost your brand’s visibility.

Feather Flags and Outdoors

The perfect Outdoor and Indoor Banners for drawing attention to your business.


Committing the best Look Walkers by the best branding agency in Odisha.


Drawing attention to your Brand and its Services with attractive Sky Dancers.


Let your brand fly high into the skies of success with the best branding agency in Odisha.

Case Studies

Gupta Distributors
Capdeal Realty
Wonder World
Assotech Pride

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