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BTL Promotion



BTL Promotions (Below-the Line) are the radical diversion from the traditional marketing strategies. Traditional techniques baskets print formats, movies and television, mainstream radio and billboards. Below the Line promotions push back these mediums and, rather, reach out directly to the customers through trade shows, direct mail campaigns, catalogs, etc.

The best part about these advertisements is that these are pocket friendly. BTL Marketing agencies find the way out even when the budget is tight. Also, this form of advertisement is sure to make reach, rather than the client having to wait for someone to get attention.

Why BTL Promotions?

BTL Promotions are a more personalized way of advertising, customized in the favor of the customers, thus, making them feel more important.

It's the best time give your brand the desired highlight through effective and affordable BTL promotions in Bhubaneswar @ Auromira Films. Being a renowned top BTL promotions company in Bhubaneswar, we at Auromira Films encompass many activities ranging from brand activation, promotional activities, merchandising and telemarketing to free sampling, trial generation, trade shows and exhibitions. Auromira Films has the power to stimulate the audience and incite a response from them. Trust our BTL promotions to pull audience at first sight as they view your business advertisements. Browse through our collection of direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing services. With the help of our productive experiential space, you can now engage your audience and derive quantifiable leads through our top list of BTL promotions and branding campaigns in Bhubaneswar.

Hoarding Services

Hoardings are huge size posters flagged at the top of pillar surfaces and building-tops for the purpose of advertising. This is one of the oldest and traditional methods of communicating with the audience in a mass. Rumors have been running single long about traditional advertisement methods being dead, but, actually nothing is more effective a way of advertising than hoardings and billboards. Even at this time of digital bloom, hoardings and billboard services never really went out of fashion.

Why Hoardings?

Hoardings are one of the few media that can dominate one’s mind for a long time. One cannot but notice at least half the message displayed while passing by it. 90% of the time an advertisement comes up, the target audience are reached maximum by the hoardings and billboards only.

Affordable, cost effective, dependable- these things pretty much sum up the profits of hoardings.

Hoardings are the face of our brands. What difference would it make if you own a brand and nobody knows about it?

We, at Auromira Entertainment aim to reach out to the globe with the story of your brand that, being comprised inside a single bracket with hoardings. Settled in Odisha, we proudly hold the title of being the best hoarding agency in Bhubaneswar. We target in hoarding Odisha in the world platform through our company. Whatever your advertising need may be, we are there at your rescue. We have attained more than 400 happy customers with our hoarding and billboard services, who pompously regard ours as the best hoarding agency in Bhubaneswar. Stretched in the state with services provided at Angul, Brahmapur, Cuttack and many more, we are aspiring to hit paramount in the hoarding, advertising and OOH field. When it comes to a hoarding agency Bhubaneswar is talking about, we confidently would say, that is ours. We strive to take care of every moment requirement of our clients and work with a promise of a 100% client satisfaction with no hamper in quality. From bulletins to big hoardings and van display and many more, we have a portfolio embedded with all possible hoarding needs that our clients would search for. So, before you hit that ‘hoarding agency bbsr’ in your search engine, the next time you are looking for a hoarding agency, consider contacting us and save your valuable time and expenses.

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