Branding Advertising and Promotion in Services Agency in Bhubaneswar Odisha


Make Your Brand Look Better Than The Best!

  • Let’s say you opened up a company. How do you think people will know about it?
  • Your answer is ‘advertising’.

  • Now that people know you have a company, how to make them aware of what you have?
  • Here is ‘promotion’.

  • But, the market is bubbling with products like yours. How would you attract the customer’s trust for your brand?

There comes ‘branding’.

Although these services are often misunderstood as equivalent to each other, these are not really the same. There is a fine line that separates each of them.

Advertising -

Advertising is a paid communication initiated by an identified sponsor or a source that intends to draw attention to ideas, good, services or the initiator itself. The motive of advertisement is majorly to reach a group rather than an individual. Measured in turn of ‘impressions’, which is the number of times a consumer comes across gets exposed to the advertisement, this service is delivered through radio, TV, newspapers, bill-boards, hoardings, campaigns and internet.

Why Advertising?

First things first, whenever a new brand enters the market, it cannot gain attention until someone really goes telling about it. Advertising is that very agent that goes creating awareness among people about your brand and products.

There is an old story. You have built a mousetrap. You think that the globe is beating a path to your door. Does it happen that way?

The answer is No! Nobody even knows that you have a mousetrap.

You have to put it on the display. You have to announce it to the world that you have a mousetrap and it is better than what the market has to offer at that point of time. That is what advertisement is all about.

Branding -

Having a branding is like giving a face to your service.

Branding is a market practice in which a company creates a name, a symbol or a design that is easily identifiable as a belonging of the company. It separated the company and its product from the rest of the market.

Why Branding?

Branding is what makes your company what it really is. It is one of the most crucial businesses as it translates to the world the philosophy of your brand. Branding can both make and break the impression of the consumers about your company. This is how a company gets recognition and the world gets to know about it.

There is one particular name that comes to your mind when someone asks you about your favorite dark chocolate brand, right?

That is the effect of branding!

Not that that particular chocolate is any different from the rest of the ones available. It is just the matter of the branding difference that raised one to the top and the rest remained back.

Promotion -

Promotion is the communication or the connection between the buyer and the seller, where the seller tries to convince the buyer about his product with a goal of persuading him to buy it. It is one of the crucial 4 P’s of market – Price, Product, Place and Promotion.

Why Promotion?

It is the promotion that separates the brand from the rest of the market. The market runs on the base of competition. No brand, no company, no service would need a promotion if the market was free from competition.

When branding gives a face to your company, promotions give it a voice. It speaks to the world, load and clear your brand’s message.

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